Summerset Trail

The Summerset Trail runs 11 miles on an asphalt surface from Carlisle to Indianola, The trail follows the route of an abandoned rail line and passes through rolling hills and wetland river bottom as it winds from town to town. In the middle sits the village of Summerset on the south bank of the Middle River. North of Banner Lakes is a scenic area equipped with an observation platform. Riding from north to south, riders start at the Carlisle parking area and travel southwest through the outskirts of town. The terrain is flat, and features both fields and wetland conservation areas. The entire northern section of the trail has no gain or loss in elevation. When the trail turns south at Banner Lakes, it crosses the Middle River bridge, and riders will notice the start of a gradual uphill climb for the rest of the length of the trail. South of the Middle River, the terrain becomes gentle rolling hills and prairie remnants. The Summerset trail ends at the Indianola trailhead, however riders can continue on the short McVay trail. The McVay trail heads downhill south of the trailhead through a deeply wooded area.