Lamoni Recreational Trail

The Lamoni Trail conveniently takes origin from the Iowa Gateway Welcome Center at Exit 4 of Interstate 35 and courses over an earthen dam to enter an abandoned railbed with its scenic canopy of oak and hickory. It passes over a rebuilt trestle to enter Lamoni and has a contiguous 1-mile loop around and through Graceland University.  The trail courses past downtown Lamoni, City Hall, the Community Center, the Lamoni Schools, and the Public Library before passing over a second rebuilt trestle to reach rural meadows. It passes over six earthen dams skirting Lamoni’s recreational Home Pond to end at Liberty Hall on the National Register of Historic Places.
The 5.6 mile trail is concrete and paved in three segments over a 10-year span by Lamoni resident volunteers, including a number of Graceland faculty (probably the highest percentage of PhD’s on a cement crew in history).