Jefferson County Trail System

It took 150 years of intractable persistance to build Fairfield’s “emerald necklace,” the 16-mile limestone trail that connects all of the city’s major green areas with some of the county’s major parks. Obstacles arose, as they often do are want to do in any great undertaking, yet the abiding feeling was that the trail wanted to be built and we were there to make it happen. As one of the main custodians of this project, I’d like to share some highlights of the story. Our newly formed organization, the Jefferson County Trails Council, was created to help expand the existing trail system, but we hankered for a larger challenge. In the end, even the omnipresent coal trains of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe yielded to the Loop Trail’s manifest destiny. A magnificent bridge spanning the tracks, replete with public art, and a track crossing allowed the trail to complete its circumambulation of Fairfield.