Ames Trail System

Distance: 55 miles
Elevation: Unknown
Route Type: Trail
Surface Type: Asphalt, Concrete
Cities on Route: Ames

The Ames Trail System is a 55 mile long inter-city system made up of shared use paths, on-street bike lanes and bike friendly streets throughout the city. Ames itself is one of the most interesting cities in Iowa to visit, with museums, theaters, dining and public art installations. Established as a rail road city in 1864, the city of Ames today is home to several major corporation headquarters as well as the Iowa State University of Science and Technology that serves 36,000 students world-wide. No trip to Ames would be complete without a visit to Hickory Park, an Ames tradition since 1970 and serving delicious hickory smoked bbq with over 100 menu selections.