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There is a burgeoning movement exploring Iowa’s gravel roads. These back country areas have places that are rarely seen.  Find a variety of terrain including flatland and rollers. Great Resources: Iowa Gravel Roads Map Bikes To You Gravel Routes  



Iowa may not have mountains, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some awesome single track trails. The trails vary with difficulty and length. Discover over 170 miles of singletrack trail. For updated trail information, consult the MTB Project Iowa Page. Update: Whiterock Conservancy singletrack and doubletrack trails now open.

Road Bike Routes

Road biking is wonderful in Iowa.  If you are looking for a new place to ride or a route to train on, this is your page.  We have routes from all over the state that have been tested and approved by bike clubs. Iowa Bike Routes is constantly adding routes to the website.


Iowa’s trails total 1,600+ miles and make the state the World Capitol of Trails. Many of the trails are paved, yet some have a compacted gravel/limestone base.  The hard surfaced trails are appropriate for any type of bicycle, but you may prefer a wider tire on the compact gravel. Some of the urban trail systems […]