Sugarbottom Recreation Area – North Liberty

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If you have a mountain bike in Iowa, the Sugarbottom Singletrack Trails have to be on your bucket list. This is a sweet wooded area just off the Coralville Lake in the Sugarbottom Recreation area.

You can access this area from Mehaffey Bridge Road between North Liberty and Solon. There is also a secondary access parking off Sugarbottom Road on the north side of the park.

This is a mature, singletrack trail that is well maintained, groomed, and cared for by the local club, Iowa Coalition of Of Road Riders (ICORR). The trail does close after rains, so be sure to check their website before heading to ride.

The trails are one direction, so be sure to follow the signs. Trails are well marked. You will find three sections: 101, 201, and 301. Section 101 is the north end of the trail. Section 201 is southeast. Section 301 is southwest. There is also a small skills area, a rock garden, and a novice loop.

Trails are marked as green circle (easy); blue square (more difficult); and black diamond (extremely difficult). Signs are posted at the entrance to the trail. The more difficult sections will loop back to a green or blue trail.

Occasionally, high water levels at the lake will force the closure of the access road. There is a high water access point that allows the trail to remain open.

If your day of riding is over, be sure to visit our partners:


Vist the ICORR website for up-to-date information.  Check out information for Sugarbottom at the MTB Project.


This trail closes in the winter and when rain prohibits riding. There are fines levied to riders busted on the trail when closed.